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Vale Dr Ted

PCA should be like producing a lightbulb that doesn’t wear out. Uniquely in the personal appearance industry, we are the service you should only ever need once. One palette for life. Our aim is to reduce waste and expense in the long run, which runs counter to the endless marketing competing for your attention right now, in your side bar, which promotes the unsustainable idea that endless growth, change and consumption is the only way to live. We want you to find the place where you need less maintenance and enjoy yourself more. Living outside your tone will always be harder work and more expensive than living in it. Chasing disharmony will never let you rest. The natural and the organic is kinder to you and kinder to the planet, whatever your 12-Tone.

At work, at play, at every life stage and every age, through fluctuations in income, fitness, health and sizing, your Tone will always serve you.

Yours in Colour (always)

Dr Ted (2005-2018)


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