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About TCI

The evolution of personal colour analysis From four Season to TCI 12 Tones

Human colouration is diverse, beautiful and unique!  Our individual colouring (hair, skin and eyes) is determined by pigments found within our bodies including: haemoglobin (our blood) , keratin and melanin.

The organisation of this wonderful cocktail of pigmentation is dictated to us by the rules governing natural colour harmony.  We cannot change how this organisation works, nor how our human brains receive, and interpret this visual harmony.

Traditional color analysis focused on four true seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. People were categorized as either a cool season: Winter and Summer (colours with blue undertones) or warm season: Autumn and Spring (colours with yellow undertones).

We now know that 2/3 of  human beings need neither warm, nor cool colours to compliment their natural colour harmony.  The majority of people need colours which are found somewhere in between – we call this colour space – neutral.

Enter the TCI Method

Understanding the organisation of colour by nature, the TCI Method of personal colour analysis includes 8 neutral tonal spaces (cool/neutral and warm/neutral).  These new tones are found in between  the original 4 seasons.  All together, the TCI 12 Tones encompass the full range of colours found in all human beings.

3 Dimensions of Color and the TCI 12 Tones

These new tones represent 12 distinct areas of colour space and are distinguished from one another based on the three dimensions of colour; hue, value and chroma.

HUE (Temperature): Do you need warm (yellow undertones), cool (blue undertones), or neutral (yellow/blue undertones)?

VALUE: Do you need light, dark or colours in between these two extremes?

CHROMA: Are colours with brightness and saturation better or do you need colours that are more soft and muted?

What makes TCI so good?

The TCI Method is based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell colour system, full- spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology.  No wonder it’s so good!

  • Over 1800 colours
  • Encompasses the full realm of colour 
  • Offers provable, reliable and repeatable testing processes
  • Provides distinctive, measurable and identifiable hues 
  • A world community of colour tones
  • Premium quality personal colour palettes
  • 65-70 hues in each tone 

Reasons to Choose TCI

  • Accuracy – your  colour samples are measured using a spectrophotometer and are the most sophisticated and accurate available in the world.
  • We are the personal colour specialists – you receive advanced, accurate and a personalised colour services.
  • Great reputation and results – we pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service in all aspects of business. We look after our clients and are rewarded through consistent recommendations.
  • Courses and training provided by a certified personal colour specialist .
  • Certified analysts for all your PCA needs.

Shopping and colour matching has never been easier!

Did you know that colour can be measured?  We do, and that’s why your TCI  personal colour samples are the most accurate, widely used, and recommended 12 Tone colour matching tools in the world!

These beautiful personal colour palettes are used by TCI Method 12 Tone analysts, clients and industry across the globe to achieve their colour matching standards.GroupSuperior technology has enabled these books to be manufactured using archival materials. Each sample is guaranteed light fast (will not fade or discolour), for 30 years!  Unlike fabric or commercially printed/covered cardboard swatches, your TCI personal colour tool is easy to use. They are flexible and consistently textured just like fabric. 

Measurable colour accuracy – so you get it right every time

Fine art/archival materials – cotton canvas textured just like fabric

Light fast colours – stay the same for over 30 years

Edge to edge – strip colour format for easy colour matching

True Colour International colour numbering system – easy colour communication

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