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The Story



True Colour International was founded in 2007 by Amelia Butler in Sydney, Australia.  Deeply drawn to wildlife and the environment, Amelia has always been inspired by the effortless perfection of form and colour found in the natural world.  Amelia attended both Sydney Collage of The Arts (COFA UNSW) and Sydney Collage if the Arts (SCA Sydney University) and has a BA Communication. After work in the art, design, fashion and communication fields, Amelia set up her own personal colour consultancy in Sydney.

After more than 12 months of research and development, Amelia recognised that Australia lacked access to  the most advanced concepts, tools and training in the field of Personal Colour Communication.

The search for an accurate system based on the science behind human perception of colour and on the sound principles of natural colour harmony finally led to the United States, where Amelia obtained training and certification from a world recognised colour industry leader. After three years under the personal mentorship of former Master Munsell Colourist and CEO of Sci\ART Global Kathryn Kalisz, Amelia was certified as a trainer (one of only 5 world-wide) in the Sci\ART system and True Colour International became a reality.

As a result of the untimely death of Kathryn Kalisz and subsequent closure of Sci\ART Global in 2010, Amelia developed the True Colour International Method (TCI Method) of personal colour analysis.  While customising the diagnostic tools and colour palettes in line with her own insights and practice, the inherent principles and accuracy of results of the original method were maintained and enhanced.

TCI continues to provide personal products and tools to businesses globally and sets the industry standard for the most up-to-date and accurate personal colour services, training and education available in the world.

“Amelia is an unbelievable artist who has single handedly brought our Twelve Tone System to her country of Australia. Her understanding of the artistic principles of personal color analysis is phenomenal, and we are so pleased she is offering our certified system to those so far away.”

Former Master Munsell Colourist

Kathryn Kalisz

April 2009

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