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Where is the Orange?

Q Why is there no ‘orange’ in the TCI 12 Tone Soft  Autumn Pallet?

Actually there are many ‘oranges’ to be found in the TCI Soft Autumn Pallet.  To identify them clearly it will help if we  first learn a little more about colour.

The hue generally referred to as ‘orange’ is created by mixing yellow and red together.  Below are three versions different of ‘orange’, each with varying ratios of red to yellow.

Look at the images below, can you find where each of the ‘orange’ hues fits in to colour space?

If we lower the chroma or in other words make each of the original ‘orange’ hues dusty, greyer or softer we find new versions of the original colour.

Below are some of the many examples of how colour changes according to the dimension of chroma.  Can you find these new versions of each original ‘orange’ in colour space below?

By looking at the images, it is now easy to understand the relationship between each original ‘orange’ hue and it’s lower chroma version.

Some examples of the parent ‘orange’ hue and it’s low chroma version are seen below.

Parent ‘Orange’ Hue

Lower Chroma Version of ‘Orange’ Parent Hue

12 Tone Soft Autumn

The 12 Tone Soft Autumn pallet contains hues which are neutral, neither warm nor cool.   Therefore the ‘orange’ hues found within this pallet appear realitivly ‘pinker’ than those found within the warm tones of True Autumn and Spring.  This is a result of the addition of blue, which neutralises the hue and creates the Natural Colour Harmony found within the pallet.

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