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Should Hair be Covered During Analysis?

Q:  I notice that the models on your site are wearing caps over their hair as they are being draped.  How important of a role does hair play in color analysis?  Is it only skin and eyes, or does the color of ones hair have any bearing?  If I have my colors done, will my season change if I dye my hair later?

A:   Few people realise that their natural hair/skin/eye colour combination is a  picture of  PERFECT colour harmony.   The key word here is NATURAL.  If you have dyed your hair for example, even if it’s pretty close to your ‘natural’ colour, we cannot say that it is your natural colour i.e provided by nature and untouched by human hands.  In order for  analysis to be accurate it is imperative to cover/remove anything that is not nature given.  This  includes removal of make up, tinted moisturizer,covering of dyed hair/clothing etc with ‘neutral’ grey (where the Munsell notation for neutral gey being N5).

The lovely Honor is our web site model and does dye her hair.  Although the colour she  dyes her hair suits her beautifully, and compliments her natural colouring perfectly, her hair was covered never the less simply because it was not ‘nature given’.

In answer to your question – how important of a role does hair play in color analysis –  it all depends on whether the hair is 100% natural in colour or not.  Many Certified 12 Tone Analysts choose to cover the hair as a precautionary measure because they are aware that some clients do not feel comfortable admitting that they dye their hair. It is interesting to note also that some hair care and styling products also alter the natural hair colouring.  Rule of thumb, if in doubt cover it.

Your ‘season’ cannot change simply because you dye your hair,  the hair dye you choose will simply  harmonize with your natural colouring, or not.   Analysis by a Certified 12 Tone Colourist will provide accurate guidance as to the range of hair colourings which will fall within the perimeters of your natural colour harmony.

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