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Q and A 12-Tone Corporate palettes

Do the new “Corporate” colour palettes replace the original 12-Tone “Classic” ones?

No, though some may prefer one over the other depending on taste and the demands on their wardrobe. The original fans still define the limits and range of the palette of each tone, while the corporate version puts additional emphasis on darker fashion neutrals for suiting, tonal whites for shirting and on “power accents”.

Are all of the colours different?
No, and there are a couple of reasons for that. First, the 12-tone corporate palettes are intended as a supplement to the original fans, but at the same time, the customer needs to be able to get a feel for the characteristics of the original tone if the fan is used alone. Second, some tones lend themselves more and less to expansion than others, simply because of their characteristic limits, so the range of possibilities varies. So there is some overlap, which varies between tones. Third, consumer requested colours have been added where possible, Bright Spring reds and True Summer red and navy are two that spring to mind.

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