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Light Spring to Punk Rocker: Can it Be Done?




Here we’ve got some iconic pieces of street wear:  Schott Perfecto jacket, black jeans, Docs and studded belt, the extreme values of winter as worn by everyone from the Ramones on.  You couldn’t put a light spring in something like this, it’d look “wrong” – right?




Well, that’s a matter of where you pick from on the palette.  If we repaint these clothes in the light brights and fashion neutrals of LSp then there certainly is a risk of ending up with a bubblegum-pop effect rather than Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee or Richie, as you can see.  Not wrong in itself, but not the feel we were shooting for.




But this isn’t exactly a fair comparison, because we’ve swapped fashion neutrals for accents, and if we try the same thing with some of winter’s brighter accents and darks, we end up with a similar style problem, a look that is appealing in its way, but more like 1980’s pop rather than punk as most of us understand it.





Switch into LSpring’s lightest and darkest and lowest-chroma neutrals, though, and the slightly lighter, slightly faded and softened effect works well, and will look lived-in and real on our LSp muso and will allow them to dominate the look, as they should.


Knowing your season means knowing your fashion neutrals.  The various tones can approach each other surprisingly closely in this area of colour space, and our neutrals can level the field and help move styles over tonal borders and help us achieve looks that would not usually be associated with a given season.

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