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Do Less to Achieve More

Here at TCI we have recently got back into surf boat rowing and surf lifesaving patrols after many, many years away from these sports – and I’ve also completed my first year at cross-fit, and, wait for it, some sporting parallels with tonal analysis. Coaches and instructors across the board put in a lot of effort trying to help their trainees understand and improve their technique so as to maximize efficiency, that is, to help us find the sweet spots where we get the best result for the least energy and the least chance of injury or strain. Getting to this point gives a real sense of pay-off, a sense of flow and being “in the zone”, and something similar will be true for just about everything else humans do. 

And it occurs to me that PCA is like this too. Your best colours will give you a place of ease where you “do less” to “achieve more” without strain or having to add much – or anything – in terms of added cosmesis, though of course you can if you want. Maximum benefit, minimum effort for you, and the bonus is that your best tone, like good technique generally, will also be a pleasure for others to watch. It is no accident that “You make it look easy” is such a widely applicable compliment.

Now I’ve only got to persuade old Ted that attempting Jedi mind tricks on the fridge door isn’t a cardio workout just because his heart rate goes up. It’s all quite logical from where he sits, and he sits there a lot.

Jedi Ted

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