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Colour Accuracy is the Key

12 part colour circle

What is the difference between the Certified Accurate Twelve-Tone Personal Persoanl Colour System and other  systems currently available in Australia and the World?

The Certified Accurate Twelve Tone System is the ONLY personal colour system in the world which has been developed, tested and certified accurate by a PROFESSIONAL in the field of Colour – Master Munsell Colourist Kathryn Lee Kalisz. The Twelve Tone System’s tools, products, colour pallets and training have a proven, logical, scientific, and indisputable colour accuracy, theory, education and experience behind them.  NO other personal colour system in the world can make this claim!

What is Munsell Colour?

At the beginning of the 20th century, professor Albert H Munsell brought clarity to colour communication by establishing an orderly system for accurately identifying every colour that exists. Munsell based his system on what he defined as ‘perceived eqquidistance”, the human visual system’s perception of colour.

Munsell desired to create a “rational way to describe colour” that would use clear decimal notation instead of a lot of color names that he considered “foolish” and “misleading.” His system, which he began in 1898 with the creation of his colour sphere, or tree, saw its full expression with his publication, A Color Notation, in 1905. This work has been reprinted several times and is still a standard for colorimetry (the measuring of color).

Munsell modeled his system as an orb around whose equator runs a band of colors. The axis of the orb is a scale of neutral gray values with white as the north pole and black as the south pole. Extending horizontally from the axis at each gray value is a gradation of color progressing from neutral gray to full saturation. With these three defining aspects, any of thousands of colors could be fully described. Munsell named these aspects, or qualities, Hue, Value, and Chroma.

The Munsell System is recognized around the globe as the standard for color notation in the worlds of art, business, science, government, and education. It is the universal system for selecting, identifying and controlling color—in short, the universal language of color communication.

What Does a Munsell Colourist Do?

The Munsell colourists create every product that Munsell sells — The Munsell Books of Color, the Color Vision Test etc.

Here is a list of special projects master Munsell Colourist Kathryn Lee Kalisz (creator of the SciART GLOBAL™ Twelve Tone Personal Colour Communication and Analysis System) completed whilst at Munsell;

  • Munsell Tolerance Sets.
  • Assist with development and responsible for production of the Kodak Colour Viewing Light Selector.
  • Assist with development and responsible for production of Munsell’s “Matchpoint” Metameric Colour Rule.
  • Assist with development and responsible for production of Munsell’s “Nearly Neutrals” Book of Colour, a collection of 1,100 colours in the almost neutral are of color space, designed for Walt Disney Corporation and the interior design industry.

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