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12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – True/Cool Summer

You know how it goes. You’ve landed the job, you have to look cool and collected … but if it’s too sharp it looks a bit hard on you, like the clothes are wearing you. Winter’s black, white and reds are easy to find, but they’re not your personal best. And you want your best!

The original TW monochrome from the beginning of the series:

And True Summer’s version:

Notice how  lowering the chroma of both the black and white makes all the difference.  Still cool and commanding but with the softness that the True summer craves.  There are two new “white shirt” options in the Corporate palette, a darker (1.2) and a lighter (1.1) version, and of course the soft white from the Classic palette  (1.1) will always work.

And now with some colour, that wonderful dark grey green (2.5 Classic, 5.5 Corporate) and something approaching a TSum red (the 12-Tone Corporate palette has a  truer version in the combinations) for those who need a power accent option.

It was difficult to find a good picture of a scarf for this season (unlike the garments, all the scarves are rendered without significant tonal change), but this Liberty example is understated, assured and turns a fashion neutral into an accent:

12-Tone Corporate True Summer look book by MIRA:)

This just one version of a million possible looks for the True Summer tone, based on the garments we saw in the original set. Your own style may well be very different, and with the 12-Tone Corporate and Classic  palettes designed so that all of your “fashion neutrals” will work with all of your” accent” colours, the possibilities for creating an individual look to meet your specific workplace needs are almost endless.

Next time we will see what happens when we turn the chroma up a notch and see just how a Bright Spring can achieve a “serious” look for the workplace.

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