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12 Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – True Autumn/True Spring

As we settle into the home stretch of our “Corporate Women and Beyond Series” we take a closer look at Autumn and Spring, both, in their different ways, so far removed from the cool, stark feel of traditional corporate wear. These tones succeed best by being true to their natural colouring, and they’re both supported by the warm strength of their respective accents.

It is above all coolness that most diminishes those who come to life in the True Spring and True Autumn palettes. Without warmth in their hues, the light is switched off and the house appears empty and detached. These two true warms will be considered together, as many clients struggle to separate autumn’s muted, rich warmth from spring’s bright, sunny hues.

Our traditional True Winter copororate look:

morphs into True Autumn:


and True Spring:

(Spring: Jacket/skirt – Corporate 2.5, top – Corpotate 1.1, bag/shoes – Corporate 2.9)

(Autumn: Jacket/skirt  – Corporate 2.10, top – Corporate/Classic 1.1, bag/shoes – Corporate 2.5)

Autumn’s colours are warm and grounded. The colours in the Hermes scarf below (see 12-Tone Classic 4.6, 3.8, 3,7, and several golds) reference the earthiness of the palette. As with all online representations that haven’t been personally verified it’s not certain how close this scarf comes in real life, but onscreen it gives a good feel for the most saturated end of this warm, muted season – warmth that is not light and bright enough for True Spring, and too warm for Dark Autumn.

The colours are close in value – traditional corporate cool contrast, then, is everything that True Autumn is not.

(Jacket – Corporate 5.10, skirt – Corporate 5.5, top – Classic 2.10, shell top – Corporate 7.4, Dress – Corporate 3.4)

Pattern and line are ways that individuals within a season can tailor the colours to their sense of style. The classical domes on the True Spring scarf (below) might appeal to an architect, or someone working in engineering, or simply someone who enjoys design.

It’s interesting that the same designer (Hermes again) has used an earthy design for the muted warmth of autumn while we have domes suggesting skylights and air for the lighter, clearer spring.

(Jacket – Corporate 5.6, skirt – corporate 3.5, top – Corporate 2.8, dress – Corporate 3.4)


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