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12 Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – Soft Summer

Some say it’s not easy being 12-Tone Soft Summer (SSu) in the corporate world!  As with all the seasons, the right seasonal colours on the right person draw context, appropriateness and natural distinction from the wearer.  So what does it take to transport our SSu from the classic cold of black and white, to a softer, more neutral palette?

Classic corporate True Winter look:


Soft Summer monochrome morph:

(Jacket/skirt – 12-Tone Classic 3.5, t-shirt Corporate 1.1.)

The key thing for SSu is that the colours go darker and deeper than people realise, and that the authority of the tone comes from the subtle distinctions and gradations within its range. A SSu in their correct colours looks nuanced, refined and confident, and this is as true for the True/Cool Summer side as for their Soft Autumn neighbours.

Soft Summer neutral/accent morph:

(Jacket – Corporate 3.5, Skirt – Corporate 4.4, top – Classic 6.4.)

Those who are unfamiliar with PCA often admire an effect and struggle to reproduce it on themselves, only to be disappointed. If you know that you are a bright season, you can admire the look of a low chroma combination that you see on someone with much softer colouring while understanding that this particular effect is not for you. And someone who is one of the muted seasons can admire your saturated and vivid choice without going through the trouble and expense of trying to make it work on them.

(Jacket – Corporate 3.5, Skirt – Corporate 4.4, top – Classic 6.4, shell top – Classic 3.6, Dress – Corporate 3.2, Alexander McQueen scarf.)

Soft Summer Look Book by Mira.

The big trap for softs is that their power colours are the antithesis of what is traditionally thought of as a “power” colour. Too much saturation and the message gets lost, get it right and the colours “speak softly but carry a big stick”!   A soft season needs low chroma for their best self to move forward.

For all seasons, the colours that command respect are the colours that respect the wearer.


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