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12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – Soft Autumn

If there are two seasons that struggle with the value extremes and contrast of formal monotone, it is those lowest in chroma – the twin softs. Soft Autumn’s (SA) natural range is earthy, and their colours are those of the Australian scrub and the bush.

Where can this tone go from here?

For maximum formality and simplicity, our Soft Autumn CEO might try something close to their darkest neutral brown (Corporate 2.3 or 2.5) or tonal black (Corporate 4.5), paired with a light value tone such as a neutral/warm soft white (Corporate/Classic 1.1) or ivory (Corporate 1.2) that is close to white but much easier to wear.  Another option is of course the extended range of grey and charcoal hues (4.1-4.5)  from the 12-Tone Corporate palette:

All of the tones gain authenticity and assurance when they respect their own tonal dignity, and in turn the wearer’s natural tone transforms their colours into the most appropriate and compelling of options: the colours are perfected by the wearer.

We began by comparing the soft autumn tone to the colours of much of the Australia landscape, and it is interesting to note that this soft, warm-neutral environment inspired the colour scheme for the upper and lower houses of Australia’s new federal Parliament House, where the designer took the traditional reds and greens of the Senate and House of Representatives, lowered the chroma, and arrived at something very close to the Soft Autumn versions, two of which are seen here with one of their greys – Jacket (Corporate 4.9), top (Classic 3.9), Skirt (Corporate 3.5):



House of Representatives

The warm seasons in general are often surprised to discover their blues and purples, which for SA centres on neutral-warm periwinkles, grape-aubergines, and slightly greened marine colours. Here we see 12-Tone Corporate 6.7, which is close to My Pashimina’s Heron colour. The scarf is Vintage Liberty, and mixes neutral-warm earthy reds, browns, and grey and creams. Again, it is fascinating and telling that here in Australia, the designers of our seat of national government looked to the native tones of the land and used them extensively in order to convey a sense of harmonious natural authority in the new building.  If THAT doesn’t speak to the innate power and authority of Soft Autumn colour scheme, then nothing will!

12-Tone Soft Autumn Look Book by Mira

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