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12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series

12 -Tone Look Book by Mira

So you’ve landed the job and the dress code is serious…“but I’m a *insert your personal tone here* and the colours that suit me, don’t suit the corporate brief!”

Corporate Look Book – Look One – 12 Tone True Winter

Let’s start off with a 12-Tone Corporate look for True Winter since it’s one of the most easily recognisable, and “accepted” colour schemes from our corporate world.

This collage is the first in the “12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond” series, created to help us understand just what can be done to make corporate and colour work together, and more importantly work for you.  Please remember that the colours you see on screen will always appear different depending on the computer monitor you use so please, always refer to your 12-Tone Corporate or Classic Personal Palette when making IRL colour decisions.

These are the kind of lines worn by public leaders and newsreaders, encouraged by written or unwritten style guides for many firms, and mass produced as the corporate uniform for airlines, banks, service institutions, and so on.  Just as not all men feel their personal best in a business suit, not all women will be drawn to or at their most comfortable in this look, but where there is a dress code, an understanding of colour can make all the difference.

The garments and accessories shown (links are given below) would best suit one of the winters.  But what about the other seasons?  It can be hard to find consistent examples of garments for each seasonal tone, so over the next few weeks we’ll use these shapes and some digital tricks to explore what a change of colour can do for you and your ‘work’ wardrobe.

Next time let’s warm it up a notch and see how some of the lighter, warmer tones can  “fit in” to the corporate brief whilst maintaining their tonal dignity!

Links to images used: visite-0902-07.html her-briefcase-%E2%80%93-2-gusset-3/

12 -Tone CorporateLook Book by Mira

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