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12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – Light Spring

So you’ve landed the job and the dress code is less than sunny…“but I’m a Light Spring and the colours that suit me don’t suit the corporate brief!”

Look One – 12-Tone Corporate Light Spring

As you read through this series, please keep in mind that what follows is ONE take on ONE way of doing corporate style.  We’re taking the original collage as a template, and keeping the lines constant so we can explore the way seasonal colour alone can adapt a given look, much as you might by repainting a room and changing the soft furnishings.  This idea grew out of the men’s collages, where the garment shapes tend to be much more consistent.

Here is the starting point – 12-Tone True Winter

If you work in a profession where grey and black are the “unofficial” albeit employer-preferred dress code,  a workable option for the LSp might be to choose monochromatic hues to fulfill the brief.  As an alternative try the lightest to medium value neutral/warm greys found in the 12-Tone Classic palette  (4.1 – 4.5) through to the darkest LSp greys (5.1, 5.2, 5.3) or tonal black (5.5) from the 12-Tone Corporate palette. These will work WITH your natural colouring without drowning your spirit!

Monochromatic LSp 12-Tone Corporate Morph

If the workplace has more flexibility with the dress code another option may be to step out of grey and black and step into the medium to dark tans (3.2-3.5), browns (4.3-4.5) and khaki  (4.1-4.2) fashion neutrals from the 12-Tone Corporate palette.  Adding an accent colour is another way to personalise your look.

Accented Neutral LSp 12-Tone Corporate Morph

Building on this idea further, a LSp capsule work-wardrobe might look something like this. We have sampled a bare half-dozen of this palette’s tonal colour options, here, but there are many, many more.  Cunning use of neutrals can give you flexibility and a sober but flattering base, while accents add individuality and interest. Get the right look, but maintain your tonal dignity!

Vintage Scarf – Hermes

Light Spring Collages – Mira


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