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12 Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – Dark Winter/True Winter

And so we come full circle. You started at the bottom, have risen through the ranks and now, as CEO of your own company, you have to appear confident, in control and approachable, all at the same time!

So how do our two final Winter tones achieve this goal without forgoing their individuality? A black and a white are easy, but your BEST black and BEST white are better yet if you can find them, and these are slightly different for all the winters. In the real world, going for your personal best with this simple pair of choices may not be so simple, as two blacks and two whites can “read” as differently as two dark navies and two creams. In other words, winters can have trouble getting consistent matches for the lightest and darkest swatches on their fans, too.

Our 12-Tone True Winter monochromatic starting point:

V’s 12-Tone Dark Winter:

Depending on your computer monitor you may notice more or less difference between the two sets  above.  It’s not easy for the casual observer IRL to distinguish the subtle differences between the TW and DW B&W ensembles either. In truth a DW or TW could convincingly get away wearing each other’s neutrals, and it’s often hard to fault the B&W cheating as there’s so little visual information at those extremes.

It’s not until we offer our winter tones some black and white relief, in the form of accents,  that we begin to see some very subtle, yet important difference emerging.

12-Tone True Winter neutral/accent morph:

Skirt – Corporate 3.3, jacket – Corporate 1.8, top – Corporate 6.1.

12-Tone Dark Winter neutral/accent morph:

Jacket – Classic 2.8, skirt – Corporate 4.4, top – Classic 6.1

In reality everyone uses their 12-Tone personal colour palette in very different ways, depending on personality and style preferences. Some will stick to the warm(er) or cool(er) side, some will use one aspect for work wear, another for social and the other for business applications. Some will build a capsule wardrobe around a handful of key pieces, while others will search for variety. Some will live in a small section of their palette, others will roam over the entire fan (or fans, now that the 12-Tone Corporate line is available) and search out harmonizing colours that fall “in between” their swatches, or even introduce disharmonious elements for deliberate effect (see previous post Is Disharmony Ever Desirable? ).

12-Tone True Winter jacket and skirt as above, top – Corporate 4.1, shell top – Corporate 3.4, dress – Corporate 5.10, Richard Weston scarf .

12-Tone Dark Winter jacket and skirt as above, top – Corporate 1.7, shell top – Corporate 3.6, dress – Corporate 7.9, Versace scarf via Polyvore.


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