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12-Tone Corporate Women and Beyond Series – Dark Autumn

So you’ve landed the job and the dress code is serious …. but what if you need dark, rich, neutral warmth, not cool greys, blacks and blues?

In the second of our series, let’s suppose our reader is shopping for career-wear with a Dark Autumn (DA) 12-Tone Classic or Corporate colour palette to hand. Again, we will be using the basic selection of garments and shapes to explore how colour can make similar lines work across the 12-Tones.

Here is the original TW starting point:

And here is one way that our Dark Autumn executive might keep this monochrome feel while staying true to her skin tone:

This DA tonal black – Classic palette 4.5, Corporate palette 3.5 – has warmth, and instead of the clear winter white you might choose the lightest neutral/warm ebony or beige found at 1.1 of both palettes.  Alternatively, you could select from any number of monotone options from the darkest neutral-warm greys and browns through to any of the new navy hues found on the Corporate palette from 6.6 to 6.10.  All are suitable alternatives to black suiting for most workplace settings.

As colour is introduced, our options expand, here using 12-Tone Classic colour 3.9 for the jacket and 12-Tone Classic colour 2.7 for the top.
It isn’t always easy to find clothes in our tone, but your 12-Tone palette aims to give you a secure base to work from as you shop, allowing you build a wardrobe over time in which every new choice will work with your previous purchases.  A coordinated and harmonious wardrobe conveys competence and reliability:

Once again, we are seeing just a sample of what is possible for this season. Your own sense of style and your own preferences may differ, and the 12-Tone palettes exist to help you do it YOUR way.

Dark Autumn Look Book – Mira

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