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Introducing Analyst Sheryll Venn from Innate Colour – Melbourne

Hi, I’m Sheryll of Innate Colour, based in the inner north of Melbourne, and I’m really excited to start sharing what I know about the effects of colour and colour harmony with other women, particularly mothers.

For mums looking to return to work, sometimes after a very long break from the workforce, it can be a hectic and confronting time.  Attending interviews and needing to pull together a new work wardrobe can be expensive and a challenge, particularly if your body shape or weight has changed.

We mothers often put ourselves last on the priority list; we don’t always get enough sleep and there’s not enough time for the pampering we might once have done.  A colour analysis session is a great opportunity to take some time to focus on you for a few hours.

I offer a mobile service – I come to your home, set up my equipment and we spend the next two hours figuring out which one of the 12 Tones is the most flattering on you. Once we know that, I take the time to look at some of your clothes and makeup and teach you how to use the colour palette you receive. Within a few days I’ll send you a report detailing the results of our session and providing you with some further information to help you understand your Tone. Weekend appointments are available so perhaps your partner or grandparents can take the children out for a couple of hours, or we can time your appointment to coincide with a young child’s nap.

If you’re wondering how I got here, well I’ve had a long love affair with personal colour analysis. I was first analysed in the 1980’s using the four seasons; I was around 14 and the PCA was a birthday present from my Mum and Nana. The three of us went together and were all analysed, along with about seven others. I was said to be a Winter. I had a great time and liked the colours but I guess it never ‘clicked’ because after a year or so my swatch book was forgotten about. I do remember everyone in the room murmuring when powder blue was draped on my Nana – she must have been a True Summer.

In the late nineties I came across personal colour analysis again as part of my studies in fashion design. I was draped as a season similar to Soft Summer, in a system consisting of eight groups. This reignited my fascination with PCA so I bought drapes and had fun draping family and friends, and using it as a basis for colour in the design process – but it wasn’t the right time in my life to take it further.

In 2008 I had my first child, a daughter, and found myself starting to wonder what season she might be.  As it neared time for me to return to work and update my work wardrobe I started to think about my own colours again. I was curious to see how personal colour analysis had developed, and discovered that some systems featured 12 or more categories. The more I read and thought about colour analysis, the more I realised that I wanted to try being an analyst again.

After much reading I settled on the Sci/ART system as the one that made the most sense to me, and booked in for a test run analysis.  The system lived up to my expectations – as thorough as I was hoping, with beautiful tonal ranges and fantastic palette book. I contacted Amelia but unfortunately she wasn’t training at that time … and so I waited, deciding that if I couldn’t learn the 12 Tone system, I wouldn’t become an analyst.

In 2014, after a three year wait (and the arrival of another daughter) I finally got to train. It was an amazing experience for me, being away from my family for three days and spending that time with women who love personal colour analysis as much as I do.

Knowing and wearing the most flattering colours can be an amazing tool for busy women. Using a 12-Tone colour palette can help to simplify the process of pulling together a capsule wardrobe for work and speed up the shopping process – you can bypass whole racks of garments based on colour!

I can’t wait to help Melbourne mums (and non-mums too!) get out of the black uniform and embrace the colours that are right for them.

As a special offer to readers of the True Colour International blog I’m offering a $20 discount on appointments until the end of August 2014 – just contact me and mention the blog.

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