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I feel privieged to have done my TCI 12-tone training with Amelia.  I felt so comfortable with her straight forward and down to earth approach.  It is plain to see that Amelia really knows her ‘stuff’, and that the TCI tools and equipment are the best available.

Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge Amelia – and so patient with all our questions!

Aiden Rhodes March 2017 Sydney


I feel so fortunate to had had the opportunity to complete the TCI 12-tone personal colour analysis course with Amelia.  her knowledge on the subject knows no bounds and she does a thorough job explaining color theory and (natural colour) harmony.  Whether you have spent years or merely hours studying the subject, the in-person training is invaluable.  Amelia is able to answer any question you throw at her and delights in a challenge.  Her personality is warm and inviting while still radiating an ease that can only be associated with her expertise on the subject.  i had only the faintest idea of what true colour harmony really looked like and I left the training with a solid foundation for both the concepts and the application.  I highly recommend this course for anyone considering persuing personal colour analysis.

Morgan Hinkle Nov 2016 USA


There is nothing online or in a book that can compare to the experience of learning Sci/Art (method) first-hand from Amelia. She explains color harmony in the most simple, logical, and straightforward way, a clear indication of her expert command of the subject. Amelia’s presence as an instructor is a phenomenon to experience in and of itself. She is a positive and encouraging force of nature, who both commands and generously offers respect, who shares key material about her passion with warmth and ease. This course enlightened and empowered me.

Heather Whitley Nov 2016 USA


Amelia’s passion and dedication for color analysis cannot be missed.  her understanding of color and her ability to communicate that to others is superb.  I highly recommend TCI training and products.  Thanks Amelia!

Deborah perkins Nov 2016 USA


Amelia was extremely knowledgable regarding color theory, mixing and the coloring of the human person.  She was very direct and encouraging.  I left training confident that I could begin my journey as an analyst with support and quality feedback.

Elizabeth Burch Nov 2016 – USA


Amelia Butler’s training is for those who wish to learn how to practice the Sci\ART method of Personal Color Analysis. Due to her extensive correspondence with Kathryn Kalisz—inventor of Sci\ART PCA—Amelia is well-versed in Kathryn’s philosophy of color and its effects on the human being. Kathryn was a Munsell Master Colorist who was blessed with perfect color acuity. True Colour International’s analyst tools—test drapes and 12-tone palettes—are based on Kalisz’s vision and are designed to yield accurate, stunning results and meaningful client support.

As a teacher, Amelia is organized and kind. She has a great sense of humor, and studiously avoids subjective nonsense, continually reminding us that personal color analysis is an objective phenomenon. True Colour International proves that with proper tools, proper training and properly-guided practice, clients’ color harmony can be revealed quickly, confidently and accurately.  Amelia Butler’s unadulterated commitment to Kathryn Kalisz’s color legacy is very inspiring.

If you want Sci\ART-based color analyst training, True Colour International is simply the best.

Sharon Forsythe


I had experience training under a former Sci\ART trainer in the US since TCI training was not previously available in North America. Though my original trainer was kind and responsive, I walked away questioning my understanding of color harmony. Over the next two years my confusion increased and I began to question my results and the results I saw from my colleagues who had been trained in the same way. Training with TCI helped me see the beauty and simplicity of a correct personal color analysis and restore my innate understanding of color harmony. I am very grateful.

Monica Gill

The TCI course was informative and very comprehensive.  The presentation was excellent and I walked away with a very clear (visual and theoretical) understanding of which colours belong to which of the 12 tone’s and why.  This was something I struggled with prior to doing the course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the colour/physiology/personality aspect of the course.

Amelia’s teaching style is to be admired and I received ample time ask questions.  Amelia made sure I understood every thing thoroughly, and her positive approach was extremely encouraging.

Angela O’toole

April 2016

Training with Amelia was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  There was a good variety of information and practical sessions built into the course and I came away feeling confident in the 12-Tone (Sci/ART) method, and in my ability discover the best colour palette for my clients.    

If you want to become a professional colour analyst then I highly recommend the TCI course.  Amelia’s commitment to maintaining colour accuracy is impressive and she is a great source of knowledge, inspiration, and skill.

Julia Harte

March 2015


Thank you again for arranging such a great learning experience. I love your passion for high standards and professionalism, but also the way your nurture people.

Danielle Mavor

Exploring colour theory and science of colour in depth was a truly wonderful learning experience. It went beyond simply reiterating the information in the manual and opened up my understanding of how humans absorb colour. I left each day with more interesting facts swimming in my head then I’d thought possible. Also loved the intimate small-group style of the course, allowing for discussions and exploration of questions posed. 

Evelyne. Tymms

I highly recommend the True Colour International course to anyone wanting to train as a personal colour analyst.  Amelia is a highly knowledgeable and engaging trainer who is always open to questions and discussions with her students, and the course is well organised, informative and fun.  The training venue had great views and was full of natural light, and Avalon Beach is a lovely town to stay in. After undertaking such an excellent mix of theory and practice, I feel completely confident embarking on my career in PCA.

Sheryll Venn


Amelia is passionate and very knowledgeable about colour.  She has been working with colour for a long time, and throughout the training I appreciated her expertise in the field.   The training was interesting, thorough and fun.   Amelia listened patiently to our many questions and answered them all, sharing her experience.  Amelia taught us a topic, made sure we were comfortable with the information and ensured we understood why it was important.  The mastery tests were a great way to ensure we had grasped the concepts we had learnt.

Amelia is very particular about the room setup, the structured draping process, and the colour palettes.  Correct draping results rely on everything being done properly.   We were also taught the importance of helping the client to see, feel and understand the process so the client is confident with the result.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training, it reinforced my confidence in the 12 tone colour analysis system.  

Thanks Amelia.

Jeni Adamson


I recently trained with Amelia in the Sci/ART Method of Personal Colour Analysis, and loved it.  It was something I’d wanted to do for some time and it didn’t disappoint.

Amelia is passionate about the system that Kathryn Kalisz developed, and her desire to carry on this accurately shone through. The training, both theoretical and practical, was intensive and thorough.  Amelia’s approach is direct and honest, which is very refreshing.  She was happy to answer all of my questions, both during the course and afterwards.

I’m thrilled to have taken this course and am excited about setting up my business in Melbourne.

Thank you Amelia for all of your support and encouragement!

Kylie Boyd


Having worked in the fashion industry for many years and trained in personal colour analysis and styling in the 80’s I always suspected there was more to the four seasons.  

Amelia Butler confirmed this with my own analysis and later training in the Sci/ART 12 tone method.  Her support and encouragement together with her in depth knowledge, passion for colour and it’s impact on mankind is a true gift, as is her willingness to share this with others.

I am honored to be invited to train with Amelia and only hope that I can help to carry on Kathryn Kalisz lifelong research and legacy.

K. Westren

October 2013

The colour theory section was really great, I was surprised how much I learned given how much I had read about the subject already. And I would have been lost doing client introductions if the colour theory section hadn’t happened first. I loved that there was so much draping, just loved that. I was very happy that I got to see a variety of tones, if I hadn’t I don’t think I would have felt so confident at the end that I knew what I was doing.  Loved draping the baby especially!

Sarah Tearle

Amelia is an unbelievable artist who has single handedly brought our Twelve Tone System to her country of Australia. Her understanding of the artistic principles of personal color analysis is phenomenal, and we are so pleased she is offering our certified system to those so far away.

K. Kalisz

Master Munsell Colourist and CEO Sci/ART Global

May 2009