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Colour Analysis

Hi Amelia,

Thank you for the session with Peta she loved it and it has a profound affect on her.  She has had her hair done and gone through her wardrobe and is now ‘seeing’ her colours everywhere.  You have an amazing gift which can help people on more levels than just what clothes to buy.

Anne, 12 Tone Light Summer

June 2016


Hi Amelia – just wanted to say thankyou for your services, since you draped me as TA I’ve gotten rid of all the black, grey, white and purple I was living in that I now know looked so awful on me, and I feel amazing in my right colours! I look years younger and so much healthier.

Sarah, 12-Tone True Autumn

September 2015


Have felt like the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place with my recent visit to you.   Many thanks for your time and energy. I am determined not to be boring in my dressing as I go into the last third of my life!

Kathryn, 12-Tone Dark Winter

September 2015


The journey I made from New Zealand to Australia and to meet you has been worth it for me at every level. You calm expertise I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Jennifer, 12-Tone Light Summer

September 2015


Thank you so much for sending through the information and for your expertise on Saturday, we had such a great time! Will definitely be recommending you to others :)

Jennifer, 12-Tone Soft Autumn

July 2015


Just wanted say thank you again.  I went looking at the shops today and tried a few things on, had to get into an enormously different headspace and block out what I normally would have thought to try on.  I couldn’t believe that things I would never ever imagined would work on me…did.  I feel like I can finally feel pretty after all these years of feeling quiet drab and drawn or jaundiced and sick.  Thank you!

Lisa, 12-Tone Soft Autumn

May 2015


Thanks Amelia, we had such a great day and I really enjoyed experiencing the “feelings” of colours against our skin types, it spoke my language in how I experience the world. I will happily recommend you to my friends and family.

Jacqui 12-Tone Dark Autumn

April 2015


I have so much to talk to you about have unleashed a monster in me and now I want to go nuts with it.

But where to start? I have never been a good mixer and matcher and have just survived on what took my fancy but now I have something to follow and want to know more!

Yvette 12-Tone Soft Autumn

March 2014


Thanks for your email and for your time on Saturday.  You gave me a lot to think of and I am looking at colour in a whole new way.  I have not been shopping yet but have been going through my wardrobe with fresh eyes and have got rid of a lot already.  Now I just need a chance to go shopping to see what I can find :-)

Anyway I have been really excited about it and even my husband is considering coming to see you! So thanks again.

Tanya 12-Tone Soft Autumn

October 2014


Hi Amelia.

It was a real pleasure to talk with you yesterday and a good experience having my colours done.  You have such a great knowledge of colours. I wore true spring colours and make up today and did feel “lighter” so I am sure that the colours will be good for me. I actually have a lot of the colours in my wardrobe so will just wear those without buying anything new just yet and will see how I go. Thank you again Amelia.

Therese – 12 Tone True Spring

April 2014


I just wanted to email you again to tell you how much I’m still enjoying playing with my new colour palette. Having the colour analysis with you has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Apart from taking the indecision out of clothes shopping, I just find everything in my wardrobe is really working together now. I just love it. So thank you!

Kate – 12 Tone Soft Autumn

October 2013


It’s been a fun five days since my consultation with you. I had a huge wardrobe clear out – I only had a handful of things that were soft summer colours – and ended up with four bags full of clothes for the charity shop…. it was very therapeutic!

I decided to look for soft summer in the charity shops with quite a good success rate so far; it is great fun to find something suitable and to be able to buy it without blowing the budget (and the shop benefits too). Even my husband has commented on how well I look (and that is quite a rare occurrence after 35 years of marriage….)

I’m very happy with my colours, and a few people have commented on the colour swatches when I’ve been looking at them in the shops. Thank you once again for a very enjoyable and informative morning.

Joan – 12 Tone Soft Summer

September 2013


Thank you so much again for today. I really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I love my 12-Tone Soft Autumn colours. Fortunately, the more expensive things I’ve purchased in my wardrobe fit nicely into my new palette. Now I can confidently shop for some colour!

Funniest thing, our recently painted walls in the living room match Soft Autumn 1.1 FN.  I remember painstakingly going through every colour chart to get the ‘right shade of white’ we wanted!

Kate – 12 Tone Soft Autumn

September 2013


I purchased two colour swatch books a couple of weeks ago and would like to thank you because the items were exactly as described on your site and they arrived really quickly.

I was really impressed and will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Marzia N

September 2013


I saw you in August last year for a colour consultation and have been having so much fun with it ever since! It had a big effect on me and now my wardrobe and attitude to clothes and colour has changed completely. It’s funny how it can have such a major impact but I like my life a whole lot better now!

Julia – 12 Tone Light Summer

January 2013


My (12-Tone True Winter) Husband is now wearing some pinks! He also has a fantastic turquoise shirt as well as some in purple.  Now that I have that lovely color swatch in my handbag, I am looking forward to buying some more shirts and ties in a wider range of colours. It is really wonderful Amelia to get away from the standard white and blue shirts!

Amanda – 12 Tone Light Summer

July 2012


I had an amazing time! It was so wonderful to sit through the process of colour analysis with a true professional, with a solid system, with a process you can see.

I could not be more thrilled, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend your business to anyone who will care to listen.

I am completely overjoyed!

Angelina-12 Tone Soft Summer

June 2012


I really enjoyed the morning! Pleasantly surprised with my wardrobe as I found a number of the right coloured pieces! However I did fill a bag for Vinnies too!!!! Will enjoy continuing the journey of colour play.

Kay – 12 Tone Bright Spring

May 2012


I am writing to thank you so very much for my colour consult last week ….. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; from gaining so much more knowledge of colour and how it can work for me, to your very professional and friendly presentation. I also appreciated the links you emailed me and have noted down all the cosmetic recommendations that I will be purchasing sometime this week!

I have had a huge overhaul of all my makeup and was quite surprised the amount of ‘warm autumn’ i.e dull colours that I had – but no more! I am also pleased to find that I did have some lipsticks that are gorgeous corals and pinks, but I didn’t wear them thinking they were not right. Funny how I hung onto them though…… maybe I knew I was coming to see you!

I’ve gone through my entire wardrobe and scarf collection and have given the items which haven’t been worn to the charity shop -3 carry bags each full to the top!  It really is such a win-win situation.

The best thing by far is how much more uplifted and confident I feel.   I am more courageous with my accessories and I love putting my outfits together, even if it is just casual.  I am having a great time doing it because I know that by simply following your advice it will all work perfectly!

Thank you again Amelia, I will be highly recommending you and your business to everyone I come across, it has made such a difference to me.

Sheila – 12 Tone Bright Spring

April 2012


Hi Amelia,

Sorry,  I just had to write you again – I went out to have a look at what’s available in my size / colour at Myers. I cannot thank you enough – I focused on colours first instead of cuts etc, and for the first time ever in my life, every piece looked good on me, even in the harsh store lighting!

I really got the Dark Autumn concept when I spotted a top in black-green – a green so dark, the black part seemed to jump off the fabric. I normally wouldn’t have gone for this colour, but in the name of research, I held it up against my face in the mirror.  It was pretty miraculous – in front of my eyes, my skin evened out and looked like I had been airbrushed / photo shopped to magazine photo standards, and I looked as if I had just come off a month long Caribbean holiday. Wow!  This has really convinced me to go as dark as possible- what a time & money saver when shopping!

Anke – 12 Tone Dark Autumn

April 2012


You have opened a whole new world for me!  I went home via Chatswood Chase last night and bought a green top from Metallicus (matched to my 12-Tone Light Spring Colour Palette of course). I wore it to a fundraiser movie event that same evening and (unbelievably) I had 8 people come up and  say “WOW I love that color on you”  I was astonished. This is a whole new wardrobe from my current one- but  it feels more energized & uplifting!

Sharon – 12 Tone Light Summer

March 2012


I’m still on cloud 9 after my consult and I wanted to give you some feedback!  I guess some may go away from seeing you thinking that they need to totally overhaul their wardrobe, throw everything out and start again – thus costing a fortune and wreaking havoc with the family budget.  I wanted you to know that I’I have not done that.   I actually raced home with a view to looking at my current wardrobe in a whole new light. I’m mixing items and having loads of fun with what is already there. I had a beautiful charcoal suit that was hand made in Shanghai years ago stuffed right up the back of the wardrobe altered (in the skirt) so that it now fits me. I will get loads of confident wear out of it – of course accessorizing the winter white shirt with scarves or costume jewelery in my Light Spring gelato/poppy flower shades.

You have created a monster :)

Gillian – 12 Tone Light Spring

September 2011


Just to say a huge thank you for yesterday… was lovely to meet you and to see the huge effect the different colours had.  I am now looking forward to going through the wardrobe and finding the good, the bad and the ugly and to starting to make purchases with my 12 Tone Personal Colour Pallet in hand!


February 2011


One thing is for sure thanks to you I now don’t just buy something I see, I consider if it’s my colour first, get out my swatches and if it’s not my colour don’t buy it. You have saved me heaps of money! The money I paid to have my colours done has reaped me benefits over and over again.

Gai – Office Manager

Rosemeadow NSW


1 year after consultation

It was truly inspiring! I have spent hours getting rid of clothes (to our housemates delight). Thank you once again.


January, 2011


It was wonderful to meet you and I have been smiling ever since. I have been working on my wardrobe and throwing things out for the op shop or passing them on. Couldn’t believe how much I have accumulated that I don’t wear – I now know why thanks to you!  What a great experience!


Graphic Designer

South West Rocks NSW

January, 2011


Even my husband, who was skeptical about the whole color analysis business initially, said recently that he was very impressed with the result!

Anna – Financial Analyst

Surrey Hills NSW

January, 2011


I still love my colours (2 and a half years after my consultation) and use them at every possible chance. I still constantly receive comments on the colours I wear and how they make me look.

I recommend your service to lots of people.

Dianne – Museum Guide


January 2011


I’m so pleased I had my Analysis at True Colour last year, it has really helped me with my wardrobe, helped me cut down on impulse buying, and improved my bank balance!

Gai – Rosemeadow NSW

December 2010 – one year after consultation.


Thanks so much for your time last Friday – I really enjoyed the session and have looked at my current wardrobe with a whole different approach!!

Love my ‘Soft summer” colour palette as well as the additional info you sent.

Megan – Russel Lea NSW

December 2010


I am still completely in love with my colour palette and paying more attention to colour around me every day. I find myself drawn to Autumn colours now and can spot people wearing my colour straight away!

I had to laugh when I wore two new tops in colours from my True Autumn pallet, as both my boyfriend and my sister said ‘oh you look nice’! Almost word for word what you said they’d say. I needed no more convincing after that!

All of this adds up to: I’m very happy that I came to see you that day. It seemed like one small thing at the time, but the impact of it is present every day for which I’m very grateful.  I know I keep saying this, but thank-you. So happy I came to see you!



November 2010


I was so pleased with the results of my True Colour analysis.  Today will be spent selecting a range of colours from my wool stock to start designing and knitting next season’s range.

Patricia –


December 2010


I wanted to say thanks for your expert consultation on Saturday. I am very much looking forward to experiencing more clarity through my new harmonious colours! I spent yesterday taking a closer look at my wardrobe and got rid of a few ‘drab’ colours.

Thanks for opening my eyes!


North Sydney

December 2010


I just wanted to say thank-you so much for such an enjoyable morning yesterday.

I already feel like I have a much better understanding of myself and have hope for the first time that (with practice) I will find a look which flatters me and gives me a ‘healthy’ glow.   I have never known how to compliment my pale skin and red hair and thought I might not fit into any of the 12 categories. When I left I felt completely different. Thanks also for spending the time explaining the concepts until I really understood.

I’ve spent all morning looking on the Internet at colours, clothes and jewelery and I’m feeling really inspired. I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears at some point with just sheer relief that it’s finally OK to be me and accept the colour that I am. So, thank-you.

I (now) have a whole palette of colours I know absolutely will suit me and feel confident that I will be able to create a wardrobe and ‘look’ that makes the most of my colouring. Many thanks.


Pyrmont NSW

October 2010


I feel like I have eventually”arrived home”, with being diagnosed as a True Summer!!   This, after about 15 or so years of aimlessly wandering around as a “Spring”.  I can say that at last I feel comfortable with my colours.  It is like shedding off old skin to uncover the real me.

What a revelation to discover that my feelings/ideas about some of those bright spring colours being tawdry on me where not a figment of my imagination!

Thank you…it has been a life changing experience!


Canberra ACT

October 2010


Since (my) color analysis, I’ve been on a fascinating journey of adjusting my makeup, learning to shop with my colors and – most interestingly – settling into my new/old self image, which feels like something right, but long forgotten – someone I used to be, say, as a 9 year old.

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had during the analysis and ever since.

Anna – Business Analyst

Surry Hills NSW

September 2010


Thank you for yesterday – found it a profound experience that will no doubt continue to unfold.  Really appreciated your sharing of knowledge.


Manly NSW

August 2010


I am really glad that I got my colours done when I did. It was money really well spent!


Paddington NSW


2 years after consultation April 08
Thank you so much for doing my colours – it was a profound experience!


Canberra NSW

June 2010


I found our time together really helpful – full of information I can use when planning and shopping for a new wardrobe.

You were right – I went shopping yesterday and found it much quicker and easier to narrow down my choices – a farless exhausting experience than the usual process of having to try heaps of unsuitable stuff on before finding something good!

Thanks again.

Phillippa  – Teacher

Bateau Bay NSW

April 2010


I continue to adore my bright winter colours – what a lot of fun!!  I must admit, I haven’t received so manycompliments in such a short period of time since my twenties…what a morale booster!

Thanks again for all your wonderful support and knowledge.


Feng Shui Consultant

Narrabeen NSW

January 2010


I am so very pleased that I had my consultation with True Colour.

It has made me so conscious of my correct colours. I had a good  experience the other week when I went into my favorite shop and some lovely tops in my light summer colours were waiting for me! All up I bought 7 items and (as a result) have been able to discard some of my other tops that weren’t’t quite in my colour scheme.

Over the moon is a downplay of how I felt, when these tops seemed to be waiting for me, and I have (also) had some nice comments while wearing them!

My light summer palette with so many colours has made it so much easier to shop.  I now know quite quickly which colours work for me.


Office Manager

Campbelltown NSW

January 2010


I have had a lot of fun in the stores this weekend, as well as going through my wardrobe!

I must say I couldn’t stop thinking about words to the poem “when I am old I shall wear purple…” on Monday night… but today when I wore my new teal coloured T-shirt and was told I looked “stunning”.

I felt  far from old!

Jill J


Unanderra NSW

January 2010


Thank you so much for the colour consultation last Wednesday. You made it such a very pleasurable, informative and  relaxing experience.

Your professionalism and caring attitude in working out my correct colours  is so much appreciated and I am now so much more aware of my correct colour tones, and I will feel somewhat more confident when buying clothes and even having my hair coloured!

I have always had a problem when thinking about cleaning out my wardrobe, as it was always hard to get rid of clothes that I thought weren’t’t quite right for me but that I liked anyway. Now this is so much easier as I KNOW they are wrong for me (especially black), and have started culling my wardrobe.

I cannot begin to tell you the difference that having my colours done with you will make to my life and I am so looking forward to going shopping not just to buy but to explore, while the follow up email you sent explaining my colour tone group of ‘light summer’, and all the included details of stocking shades, jewellery etc is appreciated and will be invaluable.

I think anyone who is thinking of having their colours done by you should not hesitate to make an appointment. They will definitely not be disappointed and will leave your studio so much more informed.


Office Manager

Campbelltown NSW

December 2009


My life will never be the same again!

I’m more definite in what (colours) I like and don’t like …. it’s much easier to buy things with a structure of colour to guide me.  In the past I’ve bought cloths, textiles etc…worn/displayed them once and never touch them again.   My (true colours) save me so much time, effort and money, knowing what colours resonate and feel good.

Thank you for sharing your passion with me, you’ve made a difference to my life!


Brunswick Head


November 2009


It’s a relief to know what colours I can confidently choose and wear! I have been comparing the colour of some of my current favorite clothing items to my (Personal Book of Colour)  – I had two exact matches and 3 close ones – it was exciting! I’m looking forward now to having new additional clothes with my matching colours!


Accounts Officer


October 2009


I have my (Personal Book of Colour) in my bag so whenever I find myself out at the shops I use it…..I like how easy it is to narrow the choice down. I can walk by a whole rack of tan nonchalantly and not waste my time – howefficient is that!



Dulwich Hill

October 2009


Amelia is a true professional who was able to systematically narrow down my colour options to the perfect palette. Having been previously analysed using a number of  other colour systems, I was confused and did not want to invest any more money in clothing that did not feel “right”.


I am confused no more!  My Sci\ART™ Colour Pallet makes so much sense.  I LOVE my colours, and delight in them every day!



September 2009


Thank you so much for the consultation yesterday. I felt so stimulated and excited by the information and the processof the consultation.

So many things suddenly seem to be falling into place. I  have come to the end of a twenty-six year journey (for that is how long it is since I first discovered the Colour Me Beautiful Book and System).

Finally the missing pieces of the jigsaw have come together and I feel a fit with my past experiences and experiments with colour in relation to my wardrobe.




September 2009


Learning about colour has transformed the way I present myself. I am more self-confident when I know the colour I wear suits me uniquely. Since my colour analysis many people have asked what I have done to make me look so good!

Colour Analysis has also been helpful for my husband. I am able to buy him clothes easily rather than feelingoverwhelmed with the number of options out there. It has been great seeing him look more handsome and strong in the colours that he is born to wear!

I will certainly spend money on getting my children assessed. I wish I had had the opportunity at the age of twentyrather than forty. I only hope you are still around for them, Amelia because your approach was so perfectly relaxed for what could be an intimidating process. Thank you!


Music Teacher

July 2009


Thank you so much for last Saturday, not only did I have a great day with my friends but we learnt so much about colour and surprisingly about ourselves.  Learning that I am a ‘light summer’ has helped me to think ‘lighter and brighter’ and to recapture feelings from my youth.  I would recommend this experience to everyone.

Colour Analysis has changed my life!




June 2009


We had heaps of fun at our colour consultation, it was not what I had been expecting! I found it really interesting and it has helped a lot with my shopping, and also choosing colours to decorate my room!


Year 11 Student


July 2009


Thanks for your help!  I have been enjoying people’s comments when I have been wearing my Bright Winter colours and am looking forward to going on a shopping spree to extend my options!


Nuclear Medicine Scientist

Wentworthville NSW

June 2009


It’s been three weeks since my True Colour session with you, and I must say it has made a very exciting impact on my life! Armed with your terrific knowledge and my Dark Autumn colour swatches, I’ve since systematically sorted through my entire wardrobe, and for the first time found it an easy and straightforward process to cull, cull, cull!

A much needed and long overdue exercise!

Not only have you inspired me to get rid of colours and shades that don’t suit me, I’ve also sorted through my shoes and handbags and had those repaired, reorganized my makeup collection and, put aside a selection of clothes that are the wrong colours but the right size and look forward to dying those in the weeks to come.

Thanks again for a very enjoyable couple of hours. I learned a lot in your lovely studio and am now confident that I have the know-how and confidence to dress with style and panache in the years to come. I would highly recommend yourexcellent services to any man or woman who wants to spoil themselves a little or needs a shot of confidence!


Jewelery Designer

Ryde NSW

March 2009


That was the most enjoyable (and educational) two hours I have spent in a long time! It was great and I started putting it into practice today (i.e. I went shopping!).


Investment Banker


Jan 2009


I just loved the colour consultation the other week! I have now gone through my cupboard and was able to fill two massive stripy bags full of clothes! I know you said not to throw it all out but when I looked at the clothes that were the wrong colours it was like I always knew they were a bit wrong and so it was really easy to detach myself from where it came from or how much I paid for it.

My Mum and a few of her girlfriends really want to do it now too!





The colours are great.  I’m slowly replacing the wardrobe.  It really works well.  I can shop for myself for once.

Thanks again!


News Producer

May 2008


Mark (my husband) had some great feedback – he wore his ‘best colour’ business shirt the next day after seeing you and the  man he had a meeting with said “Gee you’re looking fresh” – Mark is sold on his colours!

Angela and Mark

Colour Designer and Development Manager



I really enjoyed meeting you and learning about my new colour scheme. I feel like I’ve won the jackpot…having a new selection of colours is really inspiring.  I was so tired of traditional Spring colours!  It will be great to be able to wear silver again, and feel good about it.  Looking forward to trying out some pink shades!




The thought of having professional photos done for my business was a little daunting, so I treated myself to a mini makeover which started with a visit to ‘True Colour Studio’.

I thought I knew the colours that suited me but was thrilled to find whole palettes I’d never considered previously.  Whenever I wore my ‘new colours’ I received non-stop compliments.  I was also happy to get an ‘instant face lift’ by avoiding colours that made me look 10 years older!

Apart from refining my wardrobe options you added value by sorting through my make-up, and after our process, I didn’t need help figuring out I needed to rethink my hair colour.

Thanks Amelia, I was a little nervous before the consult but the results created instant confidence!

Madisen Harper

International inspirational author, speaker and life enrichment mentor.

Madisen before  *               Madison after *

*Notice the difference in hair colour and the correct selection of make up colours keeps Madison looking naturally radiant!  The correct blue background for this professional photograph also frames Madison’s face, without distracting your eye from her features.


Just wanted to thank you again for seeing me today- I had a really great time.

I was a little bit sneaky this afternoon and did a spot of shopping…Best time shopping I’ve ever had!!! I was confident and selective and even better I looked and felt great in the change rooms….feel like I’ve got a completely new wardrobe! (And it’s made up of items I’d never have even considered before!)

So thank you. You have helped to colour my world in such a fabulous way…

Looking hot and feeling gorgeous!





I really enjoyed meeting you the other week. I have been quite interested to go home and compare my wardrobe colours to the swatches! I have actually found that the majority of them are pretty close, although sometimes not quite right. I am looking forward to taking it shopping.

The time spent with you was a real eye opener!





Just a belated note to say that I was very glad to have taken part in the True Colour 12 Tone Analysis.  I enjoyed the experience and I absolutely adore my colours! I went home after the consultation and found that many were actually in my wardrobe.  I also have been looking for the excuse to rid myself of much clothing clutter and this was my excuse.  Where I could not let go before,  now I had a reason to rid my wardrobe of wrong colours!

Thanks again for you personal attention.


Museum Guide,

Picnic Point NSW.


Both myself and my Mum got so much from our colour analysis day and we love our swatches. I’ve been using mine a lot! My friends as well as people I met when shopping were asking about my analysis, so I sent them your way- I hope they come!

It’s amazing to note the difference when wearing your colours in both clothing and makeup. After traveling for 16hrs (back to Broken Hill) my husband commented that I didn’t even look tired; He said I looked “fresh”.

I am so glad that I did my research and choose you over a personal stylists who does colour.  I’m convinced they would have diagnosed me the same as my mother and I would of continued to wear the wrong colours for years because I have blue eyes.

So thank you for being informative, friendly, personal, and honest.



Broken Hill, NSW.


It was wonderful to meet you and I loved my session.  Thanks for all the great info.   Have been telling friends about how fab the colour analysis was, will definitely refer them to you.


Public Servant,

Chippendale NSW.


I got so much out of our colour consultation. I have had my hair coloured, purchased new make up and even brought a red top!  It’s so great to know exactly what colour I can and can not wear and get it right every time, it really takes the guess work out, and I’m sure it will save me a lot of money spent on wrong choices. Thanks again I enjoyed your company, and will highly recommend a consult to any one and everyone!


Terrigal NSW.


Thank you so much for your help last week. I enjoyed your colour consultation so much, and I have been raving about your work to friends and colleagues.

That afternoon, I bought a little top in exactly one of the turquoise colours on my chart, and the next day I wore it. From the moment I stepped out the door, people started raving about how well I looked. Your work is doing its magic already.

Mrs A Salis.,

Kogarah NSW.


After I had my colours done I began receiving compliments.  It made me feel great to know that I was choosing the perfect colours for myself.

My my Personal Book of Colour shows me how to make the very best of myself, by using color to my advantage…every single time.


Allambie NSW.


Everywhere go I get lovely comments from my friends (and even from strangers) about how well I am looking.

Having my colours done has given me a huge boost in self confidence, and I experiment more with my wardrobe than I ever did in the past.

Buying clothes is also lots of fun, as I now know which colours really suit me.

Helen B.,

Cremorne, NSW.


I left your placed feeling inspired and more confident to finally sort out my wardrobe at home.  I think you are very good at what you do and I wish you continued success in the future.





Thank you for a very educational and fun session of colour analysis.  You were very professional and also very caring in your approach.





Since I had my colours done I have so much more confidence when shopping.

For the first time I have the confidence to look for flattering  clothes for my natural size (big hips) and shape… more hiding behind over sized tops and bottoms.  No more miss matched, unflattering colours.


Tractor Driver,



I had a great time and feel much more confident about my colour choices.  I now have the confidence to be bold with my colour combinations.”

Jane H.,


Baulkam Hills, NSW.


I found my meeting with you very interesting and educational. I think my colour sample book will be in my hand bag wherever I go now!

I will definitely be letting all my friends know the benefits I have learned from coming to see you.



Coogee, NSW.


I have only made small changes since getting my colours done – things like adding scarves and wearing the right colours in make up, but the number of compliments I get has had a huge increase!

Having never been shown how to apply make up in  the right colours I lacked confidence.  Now I find it is a pleasant part of my daily routine; the colours of True Spring really do make a difference.  I also know that the changes are a lifetime choice – not just a temporary fix!

Thanks True Colour Studio.



Cammeray, NSW.