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Luxury Swatch Collection

You’ve waited hours, days, weeks or perhaps even years to finally nail down your home tone.  The tests are complete, leaving no stone unturned and your THERE!

What happens next?

Some clients are lucky enough to experience their exquisite reveal with their analyst’s very own set of the TCI Luxury Drape Collection.  Providing a range of tonal colours and different fabric types, this is the time for you and your analyst to look at colour combinations, contrast levels and the many different ways each individual approaches their very personal colour space.  Each client is unique and has personal preferences.  We each ‘sit the (tonal) horse differently’ as we here at TCI like to say.

One of the most common requests at the end of this process is the client’s wish to take home a little bit of this ‘luxury’ experience.  Now you can!


  • Available in each of the 12 -tones
  • Each set contains 3 fashion neutrals and 7 accent colours in various fabrics total 10 swatches
  • 18.5 x 8cm (approx 3 x 7 in)
  • Zip lock carry case includedReady to take home your little slice of luxury?

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