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12 Tone Analyst Masterclass and Conference 2015

I am often asked by analysts and clients alike: ‘Just how did Kathryn Kalisz decide which colours belong in each of the 12-Tones?’ I am not Kathryn and cannot answer for her in respect of a process for which she drew on and collated her vast expertise and understanding, but what I do know is that, were she here with us today, she would more than likely suggest that in order to begin to understand the natural movement of colour we should – must – start by mixing the hues for ourselves.Q Station

In late September 2015, True Colour International-trained analysts will be attending a three day masterclass and conference at ‘The Q Station‘ – one of the most spectacular natural and historical environments in Sydney, only 30 minutes by jet cat from the city CBD, and so close to the seaside destination of Manly that we will probably be able to hear the fairy penguins at play. It’s going to be an exciting, exhausting and action-packed three days and we will share one fundamental aim: to expand our thinking and build on our vision for the future practice of 12 Tone PCA.

The Masterclass this year will focus on advanced 12-Tone colour theory and  the SciART method of colour mixing.  The class will also incorporate insights and observations gleaned over many years of practice and teaching of 12-Tone PCA.  I truly believe, as Kathryn did, that the physical act of mixing pigments facilitates and develops a deeper understanding of the natural behaviour of colour and, in turn, of each of the 12 Tones.

12 Tone colour mixing
Image is my own and was taken at the SciART colour mixing course I attended with Kathryn Kalisz in LA in May 2009.

Armed with this additional insight into the rich theoretical basis of the 12 Tone (Sci/ART method), these analysts will be able to offer you, our clients, a more intimate understanding of your tonal home.








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