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Introducing Lizzy Caillaux-Bowles of Colour Match Me

Certified 12 Tone Sci/ART analyst Lizzy Caillaux-Bowles works from her beautiful studio “COLOUR MATCH ME”, which operates in Newington in the Inner West of Sydney, right next door to Sydney Olympic Park.

Lizzy trained and gained her Sci/Art Personal Colour Analysis certification in 2010.

A little about Lizzy, and her journey to a vocation in 12 Tone Sci/ART Method Analysis:

“I grew up surrounded by colourful clothing materials, leather and fashion garments.  My mum was a fashion designer/tailoress and started making our clothing from when we were little.   All this had a great influence on me during my growing up – I can still smell the leather, feel the fabrics and see all the colours that came & went in her studio.

During my schooling I excelled in the arts, textiles & design and home economics … given anything practical and creative, I was there!  I went on to study jewellery design, also completing a modelling course with June Dally Watkins:  anything to do with “beautifying” the world and I was there, too!

After successful roles in sales, management and other areas in the corporate world, I decided to return to my creative streak, to quench my growing hunger for creativity and beauty and one-on-one personal work, and so I began looking into Personal Colour Analysis.

I had been very interested in Personal Colour Analysis since I had been given the book “Colour Me Beautiful” back in the early 90’s, after all, most of us want to look and feel our best, right?  I had my colours analysed, only to find that some colours were not quite ‘right’.  I wondered why, yet I still loved how some of my colours made me look and feel, and only wished to add more of those to my repertoire.

When I began my certified analyst training with Amelia from True Colour International my questions were answered.  The system I initially had my colours analysed with hadn’t included the idea of seasonal neutrality within personal colouring, and I, being a Neutral Dark Winter, needed this.  I then understood why some of the colours I had previously been given did not quite MATCH ME. I was hooked, set up my studio and business, and the rest as they say is colourful history in the making!

I am proud and feel so privileged to have been trained in the best method by the best trainer – Amelia – to give you the most accurate colour analysis available today, here at COLOUR MATCH ME.

I also carry 12-Tone make-up for each seasonal tone, and can add a make-up reveal in the analysis, so clients can see themselves in all their complimentary tonal colours head to toe.

My quest is to inject more colour into Sydney’s Streets (especially in those winter months), and especially to give each client a journey into a part of themselves they have yet to discover, by colour matching them – and have them begin a lifelong love affair with their most gorgeous and harmonious colours!”

For a 12 Tone Sci/ART Method Personal Colour Analysis appointment, or gift voucher, you can contact me on:



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