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beauty is one of the greatest joys of the human experience

That is why I am so happy to represent the Sci\ART 12-Tone method taught by True Colour International.

My artistic inclination originally found its focus in floristry, where the days were filled with challenging and exciting engagements.  One week I could be designing arrangements for extravagant weddings, or hosting flower workshops,  in the next I might be called upon to do in-home floral arrangements or do editorials for the leading women’s magazines in Sweden.

Over the years I had the opportunity to work with many prominent clients, including members of the royal family and renowned fashion editors.  Life was exciting and very busy with a husband and two small children, but I was happy, inspired and grateful to be a part of an industry that I had a passion for.  It really was the most amazing job! Then, in 2019, health concerns necessitated a change of focus, and so I reluctantly resigned from the industry I had grown to love.



During my years as a floral designer I realized that there was a central element to the passion that lay at the heart of it:  a complete and utter fascination with the effect of colour.  For me, the simple act of bringing flowers together and arranging them in a way that pleases the eye is creating visual pictures with colour and is, at its essence, just like painting a work of art.  A harmonious colour scheme offers tremendous pleasure and satisfaction to the viewer, and as a florist I had the privilege to create and to offer this experience to others every single day.

In my twenties, I studied at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and at floral design school, both with colour theory as part of the curriculum, which was interesting but which touched only briefly upon the practical use of colour. The practical application of this theory was something that evolved for me, over time, as an intuitive process. As I gained experience and developed my eye for colour I kept wondering if there was a way to explain the creation of colour harmony in a systematic, hands-on way.



In 2018 I stumbled upon personal colour analysis and had my colours done by a professional colour analyst.  I was amazed at the process, and at the accuracy and accountability of the results.  To me, True Colour International teaches the Sci\ART 12-Tone system in the most captivating way of combining theory and practice.  The method honours the science of colour and at the same time recognizes the importance of beauty in our lives. I wanted to know everything about it!

During 2019 I studied colour theory at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, and in December began my training in Sydney, Australia with True Colour International. I am now Certified as a TCI Personal Colour Analyst and very much looking forward to taking on clients in Stockholm.


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