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Introducing Kylie Boyd of Living Life in Colour – Melbourne

I’ve always been sub-consciously affected by colour.  There wouldn’t be too many people who know me that wouldn’t have heard about the trials I’ve had of finding the perfect paint colour for our home.  However, my journey into becoming a certified personal colour analyst is probably a little different than most.


A number of years ago I studied a workbook called “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron.  Every week there were activities, which would take me out of my comfort zone or take me back to some forgotten childhood activity.  One activity was to go out and buy a red lipstick and wear it every day that week.  So, I did as instructed, feeling quite self-conscious not to be wearing my usual more subtle neutral lipstick.  However, by the end of the week, not only did I quite like it, but I’d started to look at my wardrobe differently.  Where was the colour?  Why was it all black, grey, navy and beige?


With my life opening up with a range of activities driven by the workbook, I began feeling restless with my bland wardrobe.  So, I went shopping to find some clothes with colour, but was stumped as to where to start. As a fair skinned person, so many clothes seemed to drain me of the little colour I did have in my face.  It was then someone mentioned personal colour analysis (PCA).  So, I booked a four-season analysis and was told I was a True Summer.  While the colours were okay, something about it just didn’t feel right, as I felt that I could wear some brighter, clearer, warmer colours than those in my palette.  I did a bit of Googling and stumbled upon the SciART/Twelve-Tone philosophy of colour analysis.  As there were no analysts in Melbourne, I completed an on line analysis and was told I was a Bright Spring.  As the name suggests, the colours were clearer and brighter than those of True Summer, however, again something felt a little off.  It was then I really started to do some research into PCA and found out the importance of an in-person analysis with full spectrum lighting to ensure accurate results.


During this time I also began studying Colour Therapy as part of a Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies.  Through my studies I discovered how every colour has a unique energy, all with its own healing abilities.


PCA adds another dimension to this, by connecting the energy of the colours that we’re naturally made up of, with the energy of the colours we wear, to find a harmonious match.  When I finally had an in-person analysis and began wearing my new 12-Tone Light Summer colours, I realised just how much of an impact wearing the correct colours could have on our sense of wellbeing.  There’s a sense of feeling at home that no amount of continuing to drape myself in black ever brought me.


That feeling of rightness is also something I notice now when draping clients.  I’ll flick the drape over and as something clicks into place, I feel an instant sense of relaxation just looking at the client wearing a flattering colour.  I love seeing that look of surprise on a clients face when they see themselves surrounded by natural colour harmony for the first time.


Every client wearing their most flattering colours looks amazing.  Finally we see their face clearly.  From the soft season client washed out by stark white and black,  suddenly brought to life with more muted colours, to the bright season client weakened by soft autumn make up and clothing, snapping into their full strength with a clearer colour, some shiny jewellery paired with a lovely clear lipstick.  No matter which of the SciART/Twelve-Tones they harmonize best with, like a picture that’s been unfocused, they come into clear full view, looking a healthier, stronger more confident version of themselves.


Recently, I had a client fill out the optional personality test (found in “Understanding Your Colour” by Sci/ART founder Kathryn Kalisz) at the end of the session.  When she’d finished I glanced across it and looked at the tally.  She’d just been analysed as a Soft Autumn and she’d ticked the most boxes relating to her self-perception, in Autumn, the second highest amount in Winter, the third highest amount in Summer, with only one tick in Spring. She looked back at the list and then pointed to a column, not realizing it was the one describing Winter, and said “this one’s really about work.  I’m not really that way every day, I just have to be at work.  This other column, (the Autumn one) is who I really am.”  To me, this is what having a PCA is really all about; finding out who you really are.


Along the way in life, so often we lose ourselves to jobs, parents, children, a partner, society’s expectations… the list goes on.  I believe the SciART/12-Tone Personal Colour Analysis experience is a way of coming back to who we are without the endless list of ‘we should be this or we should be that.   The colours inside of us, our undertone, are what we chose coming into this life, so why wouldn’t we embrace them?  So, my hope is that as clients not only make changes on the outside, wonderful changes will also occur on the inside, colouring their whole lives for the better.


I’m so thrilled to be able to give Victorians access to the wonderfully accurate SciART/12-Tone method of personal colour analysis.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing the life-changing journey that finding your natural colours will bring.


Contact:         Kylie Boyd




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