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Kathryn Lee Kalisz

Kathryn Lee Kalisz

Former Master Munsell Colourist Kathryn L. Kalisz, CEO and founder of Sci \ ART Global, LLC, dedicated her  life to the study of colour,  its use and its affect on human beings.

Kathryn was included in the ‘Who’s Who of American Women,” 2000 – 2001 , Millennium Edition for her innovative work as an artist, colourist and teacher.

Kalisz was influenced by the work of two great colourists, Johannes ltten (1888 -1967),  and Albert H. Munsell (1858 -1918) . ltten was known as one of the greatest teachers of the art of colour, and Munsell was known for his Munsell Colour System, now the world’s standard for colour communication.

Employed as a Munsell colourist in the 1980’s, Kathryn became fascinated by the science of colour. Her continual interest in the humanities also compelled her studies in psychology, and ultimately led her to realise the purpose of colour in our world and in the lives of human beings.

Kathryn taught that beauty presents itself as one unified whole.  Developing harmony between our inner being and our outer appearance creates the essence of genuine and holistic beauty. In his time, Johannes ltten stressed the importance of understanding this harmony and used the term “subjective timbre,” or personal tone, to describe this unity.

Transforming ltten’ s theory of subjective timbre into a modern – day science, Kalisz developed her highly sought after instructional program for fashion and image consultants around the globe.

Her teachings of human colouration and innate personality traits brought unsurpassed beauty and self awareness to individuals from every race and culture. She taught the art of colour in such a way that her courses offered a life changing experience to her students.

Special projects while at Munsell

Assist with development and responsible for production of the Kodak Color Viewing Light Selector.

Assist with development and responsible for production of Munsell’s “Matchpoint” Metameric Color Rule.

Assist with development and responsible for production of Munsell’s “Nearly Neutrals” Book of Color, a collection of 1,100 colors in the almost neutral are of color space, designed for Walt Disney Corporation and the interior design industry.