TCI Training 2017 – USA

October 5 – 8, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas, USA 

 Dallas Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Course Inclusions:

  • TCI 12 tone (Sci\ART method) 4 day course
  • Lunch each day
  • Course text book
  • Your personal colour analysis
  • TCI 6 month post course certification program (new addition for 2017 course)
  • TCI 81 piece test drape kit
  • TCI 12 tone classic analyst guide (12 posters – one for each tone)
  • TCI neutral grey analyst/client accessories (client hat, analyst robe, client cover) 

For details and course enrolement contact

2016 Student Testimonials

“I feel so fortunate to had had the opportunity to complete the TCI 12-tone personal colour analysis course with Amelia.  Her knowledge on the subject knows no bounds and she does a thorough job explaining color theory and (natural colour) harmony.  Whether you have spent years or merely hours studying the subject, the in-person training is invaluable.  

Amelia is able to answer any question you throw at her and delights in a challenge.  Her personality is warm and inviting while still radiating an ease that can only be associated with her expertise on the subject.  I had only the faintest idea of what true colour harmony really looked like and I left the training with a solid foundation for both the concepts and the application.  

I highly recommend this course for anyone considering pursuing personal colour analysis.”

 Morgan Hinkle Nov 2016 USA


“There is nothing online or in a book that can compare to the experience of learning Sci/Art (method) first-hand from Amelia. Se explains color harmony in the most simple, logical, and straightforward way, a clear indication of her expert command of the subject. Amelia’s presence as an instructor is a phenomenon to experience in and of itself. She is a positive and encouraging force of nature, who both commands and generously offers respect, who shares key material about her passion with warmth and ease. This course enlightened and empowered me.”

 Heather Whitley Nov 2016 USA


“Amelia Butler’s training is for those who wish to learn how to practice the Sci\ART method of Personal Color Analysis. Due to her extensive correspondence with Kathryn Kalisz—inventor of Sci\ART PCA—Amelia is well versed in Kathryn’s philosophy of color and its effects on the human being. Kathryn was a Munsell Master Colorist who was blessed with perfect color acuity. True Colour International’s analyst tools—test drapes and 12-tone palettes—are based on Kalisz’s vision and are designed to yield accurate, stunning results and meaningful client support.

 As a teacher, Amelia is organized and kind. She has a great sense of humor, and studiously avoids subjective nonsense, continually reminding us that personal color analysis is an objective phenomenon. True Colour International proves that with proper tools, proper training and properly guided practice, clients’ color harmony can be revealed quickly, confidently and accurately.  Amelia Butler’s unadulterated commitment to Kathryn Kalisz’s color legacy is very inspiring.

 If you want Sci\ART-based color analyst training, True Colour International is simply the best.”

 Sharon Forsythe Nov 2016 USA