Colour Analysis


  • Increase your success in the workplace, your personal and social life.
  • Wear your True Colours and feel confident and at ease with yourself and your surroundings.
  • Save time and money when shopping. 
  • Eliminate whole racks of clothing at a single glance
  • Shop with confidence and determination.    

Your Ivestment $245.00

  • Full Personal Colour Analysis
  • Personal Colour Palette 70 perfect colours – the largest most accurate personal colour samples available in the world.
  • If you simply must wear black we have Sci/ART certified 12 tone blacks to choose from .
  • Your personal colour tone defined.
  • Allow approximately 2 hours for your consultation.

Luxury Colour Analysisman1

Your Investment $270.00

  • All the above PLUS reveal draping in
    your tone using the Sci\ART Masterpiece collection – a selection of over 200 luxury drapes hand-picked by former Master Munsell Colourist Kathryn Kalisz. 

The largest and most coveted collection of luxury drapes in the world.  With over 20 different colours in each tone – including tonal blacks and whites, we will be able to spend extra time assessing your perfect contrast levels and colour combinations including: fashion accent/fashion neutral, workwear, casual and formal wear options.

Allow approximately 2.5 hours for your consultation.