8 Reasons to Choose TCI

  • Accuracy: your TCI certified 12-tone analysis and TCI 12-tone colour samples are the most sophisticated and accurate available in the world.
  • We are the personal colour specialists – you receive advanced, accurate and a personalised colour service.
  • Great reputation and results – we pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service in all aspects of business. We look after our clients and are rewarded through consistent recommendations.
  • Certified – your TCI 12-tone personal colour consultation is conducted by a trained, certified and experienced colourist.
  • Professional – at TCI all consultations are conducted under full spectrum lighting, in neutral grey surroundings giving you accurate results.
  • Individual attention – you receive 100%, one on one, individual attention and analysis.
  • Black – we have 100% correct tonal black testing materials and samples – for those who simply MUST wear the perfect black!
  • White – we have 100% accurate testing materials for brides – 12 wedding whites, in wedding fabrics, for brides.

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