True Winter v’s ? Colour Harmony

A lovely young client, Genevieve from Pymble, sent me this email some weeks after her PCA:

“Since we saw you my mum and I have pointed out many things we notice about different colours and we also laugh every time I pull a pastel out of my wardrobe (Genevieve’s beautiful colouring harmonises with the 12 Tone Dark Autumn Pallet), when we were camping we also saw a bird of our own that had beautiful colours that all went perfectly together. It was the blue wren (and) it had a very bright light blue on top and underneath and on the tail it was colored as a very deep blue with a grey/green bottom, it was an amazing little bird and we thought its colours were winter because we saw similar colours when we were trying to see which colours suited me best.”
I asked Genevieve to send me a picture of this wonderful little bird…and here it is.

Genevieve your astute observation was correct, the Blue Wrens Natural Colour Harmony can be found within the certified 12 Tone True Winter Tonal group!

12 Tone True Winter colour reference: tw1.1, tw1.2, tw2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5, tw6.5, tw7.7.

Now for something fun.  Take a look at the second Wren below, its’ Natural Colour Harmony is found within one of the other 12 Tonal Pallets. 

Can anyone guess which one?