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Summer Soft/Light/True (cool) – My Pashmina Matches

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Soft Summer

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Summer Hair Colours

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Q: What natural base hair colour/s do cool summers have.  What are the main differences between cool and light summer.

A: Generalisations of natural hair colour belonging to ‘tonal groups’, although interesting, can some times be misleading and so should not be taken as a definitive source for defining personal colour harmony.

That being said natural hair colouring which can be found amongst 12 Tone True Summers includes, but is not limited to:  ash blond (light to dark), grey blond, or cool grey.

12 Tone True Summer’s predominant colour dimension is  that of coolness of hue.  12 Tone Light Summer’s hue is neutral, with the predominant colour dimension being high value (lightness).

12-Tone True/Cool Summer Coral and Red

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Q:Why are there are no coral colours found in the Certified 12 Tone True Summer Personal Colour Pallet?

A:People have many different perceptions of what they consider the colour ‘coral’ to look like. Hence the validity of the Munsell Colour System for accurate colour communication. Below are some exampels of colours many people consider as ‘coral’.

The predominant colour dimension of the Certified 12 Tone True Summer tonal group is hue; all the colours are 100% cool, followed by medium chroma, and medium value. The pallet there for only contains cool pinks. To mix what is generally perceived as a ’coral’ colour, we must add yellow to pink.

You can see above how the cool ‘pink’  turns into a warm ‘orange’ (left to right) with the addition of yellow.  The  ‘coral’ tones are found in the center.

Adding yellow to the  ‘pinks’ found in the Certified 12 Tone True Summer pallet would render them neutral in hue. The addition of yellow would also increase the value/lightness, as well as increase the chroma/brightness of the resulting colour. If we kept adding yellow and took out the blue content we would end up with orange = 100% warm.

The resulting ‘coral’ colour would no longer harmonize with the 100% cool tones of the Certified 12 Tone True Summer pallet.

Q:Why are there are no true red colours found in the Certified 12 Tone True Summer Personal Colour Pallet?

A true, or primary red, is naturally high in chroma/brightness.   All of the Certified 12 Tone True Summer colours are medium to low in Chroma (softened by the addition of grey). Reds at this chroma are generally perceived as,  and referred to as raspberry, burgundy, and plum etc. If a ‘true red’ was added to the pallet (see image on the right), the high chroma ‘red’ would not harmonize with the low chroma of the surrounding colours; resulting is disharmony of appearance.  This disharmony is usually perceived as the colour appearing too ‘bright’ on the wearer.